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Installing New Overhead Doors In Your Shop Or Warehouse

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Large overhead doors are often crucial in commercial buildings that move a lot of materials in and out. The doors you choose can be important, and working with a commercial overhead door installation company is an excellent way to find doors and openers that work best for your situation.

Door Sizes

When you are looking for large doors for your building, you may need to find someone that can order or make the doors for you. A commercial overhead door installation contractor may be able to source the doors you need or work directly with the manufacturer to have them constructed to fit your space. 

Larger doors are often made on an as-needed basis because they can vary a lot in size, and when you are dealing with extremely large doors, the door needs to be custom-fitted. Measuring the opening to make the doors is critical, and a contractor is best suited to do this for you because they understand how the doors will fit when installed.

A door for a building that houses extremely wide materials would need to be made to fit the building since the door has an extreme width that is not found in normal overhead doors. The same could be true if the door needs to be taller than a standard door but does not need any extra width. 

Installing Overhead Doors

When the contractor is ready to do the overhead door installation for your building, they may need special equipment on site and the area clear of work during the process. Large overhead door panels are heavy, and if there is any risk, you may want to cordon off the area entirely so that no one goes in or out of the work area until the installation is complete. 

The contractor will install the doors and frame first, then install the openers on them. In some situations, an electrician may need to relocate some wiring to run a line with a junction box to the open area. Check with the contractor to determine if that is work that should be done prior to the installation, or if they will hire an electrician to do it the same day the doors go in. 

Maintaining Your Doors

In most situations, the doors will not need a lot of attention, but it is a good idea to have the door company come and adjust the doors, lubricate the rollers and tracks, and check the opener once or twice a year.