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3 Features To Think About When Installing A New Garage Door

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If it is time to replace your old garage door, make sure to think carefully about the features that you want in your new garage door. There are numerous features that affect both how your garage door looks and operates. 

#1 Insulation

One of the first things that you want to take into consideration is the insulation property of any garage door that you are considering purchasing. The insulation level of your garage door has a direct effect on how well insulated your garage is overall. If you want the temperature inside of your garage space to be a little more consistent, it makes sense to install a garage door that has a high insulation value.

If, on the flip-side, you don't really care about regulating the temperature in your garage, or you have other means of regulating the temperature in your garage, you can go with a garage door that has a lower insulation value.

#2 Opening Style

Next, you need to decide how you want your garage door to open. The most popular opening style is garage doors with panels that bend and allow the garage door to roll inside of your garage, resting on cables hanging down from the ceiling inside of your garage door when it is open.

Another option though is a hanger-style garage door. With a hanger-style garage door, the garage door opens straight outward, without any panels that bend. When the garage door is open all the way, it extends straight outward from your garage, creating an awning-looking effect. 

#3 Windows

Finally, you need to decide if you want windows on your garage door, and if you do want windows, what type of windows you want.

A solid garage door without any windows is easy to take care of and you never have to worry about a window breaking. A solid garage door also offers you a high degree of privacy. 

A garage door with windows allows light into your garage, creating more natural lighting. Garage windows can also match with the overall look of your home. However, garage windows can break and they also allow people to look into your garage.

if you want windows on your garage door, and are craving natural light, consider installing frosted or tinted windows that are hard to see through. This is a great way to get privacy and light at the same time. Also, make sure your garage door windows are made of high-quality glass that will not easily break.

When thinking about the features that you want your new garage door to have, be sure to take into consideration the insulating value of the garage door, how the garage door opens, and if you want your garage door to have windows. Contact a service, like Affina Door, for more help.