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Things You Should Know About Keyed & Keyless Entry Locks

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Have you been depressed because someone picked the lock to your home entry door and stole a lot of valuable items? To prevent such an incident from happening again, you might want to get rid of the keyed locks that are on your entry doors. Burglars are able to pick keyed locks in many different ways, and they can usual perform the crime with speed. This article will explain more details about the ease of picking keyed locks and why going keyless is beneficial.

Bumping to Break Inside a Keyed Lock

Bumping is a lock picking technique that burglars can use to gain quick access inside of a building. The crime is committed by using a special key that can be used in any keyed lock. The burglars simply place the special key in a lock, and proceed with bumping it with something hard. As the key is bumped, it allows the doorknob to be turned for a brief moment. The only way to prevent a burglar from being able to perform lock bumping is to opt for entry locks that do not have keyholes.

Manipulating a Pin & Tumbler System

Manipulating the pin in tumbler system in locks like deadbolts is one of the common techniques that are used by burglars to break into buildings. With the right kind of skills, manipulating a pin and tumbler system can be done with speed. Burglars will basically insert a torsion wrench inside of the keyhole and turn it clockwise. A pick is then inserted above the torsion wrench to life of small pins that are inside of the lock. Once all of the small pins are lifted and locked into place, burglars can gain access to the building. A keyless deadbolt is ideal if you like that type of lock.

The Benefits of Going Keyless

Keyless entry locks are beneficial in numerous ways, including being available in various models. For instance, you can opt for keyless locks that can be opened by punching in codes, using cards, scanning a finger or a combination of many things. Picking keyless locks is difficult and burglars will likely pass your home up due to the complexity of the crime. Another benefit is that you can deactivate cards if they get lost and easily activate a new one. Get keyless entry locks installed on your home doors as soon as you are ready for extra security against burglars.

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