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Three Great Automatic Door Maintenance Tips

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If you own an automatic, electrically powered door for your business, you will need to keep tabs on it for the betterment and efficiency of your building. As an owner, you'll want to apply the maintenance guidelines laid out below so that your door is always moving freely, operating safely and getting the absolute best performance. To this end, follow this guide and don't hesitate to touch base with an automatic door installation and repair expert when you need help. 

Tip #1: Keep The Door Track Lubricated 

Regardless of the size and function of your automatic door, it will need to stay lubricated in order to operate at its best and avoid malfunction. Because of this, you should keep the door lubricated with the use of a silicone spray. Before applying the spray, make sure that you sweep, wipe down or clean any visible debris out of the door track. From there, you should liberally spray down the entire lining of the door so that it is able to move freely and unobstructed. 

Tip #2: Perform Weekly Safety Checks

Since a number of people use and travel through your door, you'll need to make sure that you are regularly performing safety checks. In fact, the law dictates that you run through a safety inspection for the door on a weekly basis. During this safety inspection, you should be checking for things like falling or slipping hazards, ensuring that the door works from a far enough distance, getting rid of any broken glass shards and getting rid of anything in the way that can obstruct the natural flow of foot traffic. By performing these safety checks, you'll protect the safety of people and maintain the longevity of your automatic door. 

Tip #3: Buy A Maintenance Plan For Your Automatic Door

A maintenance plan for your automatic door allows you to fix problems ahead of time and that can save you plenty of money and trouble. Contractors will handle periodic repairs and conduct inspections for your sensors, reverse door mechanism, and other important devices. By getting the help of an automatic door installation and repair contractor on a routine basis, you will be able to always know that your door is in the absolute best condition possible. 

Following these three tips will allow you to keep your automatic door in the best condition possible for years. Follow these tips and get the help of a door professional when you need it. One company that might be able to help you is Access Door & Glass Inc.